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ESL One Birmingham 2019 - day one in a nutshell

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  image: ESL One

  Yesterday was the first day of the group stages at ESL One

  Birmingham 2019 and one of our first insights into the 7.22 patch for Dota 2

  via the pros. With day two underway shortly, we take a look at what we saw from

  the opening day and which teams excelled.


  With Mars now being available in Captains Mode, we saw him

  quickly picked up by a few teams including Team Liquid, Vici Gaming and Team

  Secret – however, after a total of eight picks on day one, the hero has slumped

  to a 25% win rate. This can easily be linked to the players and teams still

  figuring out their strategies around the hero and from what we’ve seen so far,

  a lot of the teams seem to be using this group stage to try-and-test new


  The hope in the North American Dota 2 scene

  Throughout the years, Evil Geniuses have been mesmerizing in

  their Dota 2 antics and coming into this event, they still looked prolific.

  After every team had played a total of four games over two series, EG remain

  the only unbeaten squad – beating Secret and Gambit on day one. Day two may see

  this change, but the team have definitely come out with their best foot


  Techies and Treant Protector

  Two heroes who are barely picked generally in the pro scene saw a game each on day one at ESL One Birmingham 2019 – both suffered defeats. It’s not to say that the teams picking each hero were not just messing around or trying to have some fun, but there is just no upside to either hero – especially with the way in which supports pour out wards. Needless to say, I don’t think we’ll see much more from either, unless someone has some amazing strategy tucked away for that special moment.

  The highs and lows

  Sand King was picked a total of 11 times through the 24 games on the opening day and has come out with a win rate of just over 50%. The hero’s crowd control along with a great aoe ultimate seems to see him often picked – much like Earthshaker.

  Wraith King saw the highest win rate for a hero picked more than three times – remaining unbeaten so far after four games while Oracle struggles along with a 0% win rate after five games.

  A lot can change over the course of the group stages and

  with the teams clearly having some fun while they figure out 7.22b, we’re bound

  to see more great Dota 2 Action as ESL One Birmingham 2019 continues later