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Gambit adds CS:GO Youngsters division

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  Gambit has furthered their expansion into Counter-Strike with a new venture 必发88官网 titled CS:GO Youngsters. The new division sought to bring together some of the best young up and comers from the CIS region and that is exactly what it’s done.

  “While our primary CS:GO line-up is yet to complete its roster, we are pleased to present you our youth team that will be coached by one of the most decorated Russian CS players Ivan “F_1N” Kochugov,“the official announcement on Twitter stated.

  According to HLTV, Andrey “B1ad3” Gorodenskiy, and Gambit’s sports director, Konstantin “groove” Pikiner helped to select the players which would make up the new division. This process included a boot camp at the start of 2019 in which many players were vetted.

  Four of the five were brought on from free agency while Anton “supra” T?ernobai had to have his contract bought out from Vega Squadron.

  As 必发88 mentioned in the statement, Gambit still doesn’t have a full lineup for its primary team and it’s hard to imagine who they could grab given who is free. The team has struggled as of late and parted ways with two of it’s best performers in the last six months.

  Gambit CS:GO Youngsters roster:







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